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 REN Xiao-xue,PENG Cui-zhi,QIN Jian,et al.Recent Progress in Foreign Nano-thermite[J].,2019,42(2):107-113.[doi:10.14077/j.issn.1007-7812.2019.02.001]





Recent Progress in Foreign Nano-thermite
任晓雪 彭翠枝 秦涧 郑斌
北方科技信息研究所, 北京 100089
REN Xiao-xue PENG Cui-zhi QIN Jian ZHENG Bin
North Institute for Scientific and Technical Information, Beijing 100089, China
applied chemistryenergetic materialnano-thermiteexplosive and propellantiron oxidenano-alminumhigh energh density material
To accelerate the research progress of nano-thermite technology in China and grasp the latest development trend and application of nano-thermite technology abroad in time, on the basis of systematically tracking the latest development trends abroad, the preparation and application technology of nano-thermite, the research on the mixture of new nano-thermite and the latest research progress on its reaction performance in the United States, France and other countries were summarized. The preparation technology includes solid phase reaction method, sol-gel method, combustion synthesis method, biosynthesis method and low energy consumption amplification production method. It shows that after 20 years of research, nano-thermite has shifted from laboratory research to preproduction stage. It indicates that the special excellent properties of nano-thermite will make it become the development goal of high-performance energetic materials. The application of nano-thermite in propellant and explosive will make the propellant have higher burning rate, smaller ammunition, more advanced fuel and additive components, and it is expected to be an important way to improve the safety of propellants and explosives, thus meeting the higher requirements for energetic materials in the future.


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